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    Classical Pilates is a smart and anatomically-informed exercise program that improves our overall physical health, strengthening and stretching the body in a well-aligned and efficient way.

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Pilates Is For Everyone

Pilates is naturally a form of physical therapy, strengthening ones core to help support their body. Pilates helps improve posture and balance, focusing on quality of movement rather than quantity. Have the benefit of personalized Pilates’ instruction and schedule an appointment today.

Pilates never gets boring. There are so many great tools that can be used with the exercises to make them more challenging, or modify the exercise and help assist you through the movement.

The Pilates ring can help you find the muscles needed to keep core connections throughout movement.

The band helps add resistance, which can either aid in the movement of the exercise or challenge your body even deeper. (Depends on the exercise)

And the Pilates ball has endless possibilities. It is great in challenging your bodies balance and strength together. Therapeutic exercises are also performed on the ball for injuries. The ball is amazing for pre- and post- natal exercises, providing stabilization to the pelvis.

Ideally, our muscles should obey our will. Reasonably, our will should not be dominated by the reflex actions of
our muscles.
-Joseph Pilates