My Passion

I believe all are empowered by self discovery. Pure Pilates studio provides an intimate space to practice, and receive insight from a trained instructor. Learning your own anatomy, and the way your body moves, helps you recognize your path to whatever physical goal you may have. Whether it’s hamstring flexibility, core strengthening, or posture, a whole body approach in training helps strengthen and teach your entire body to be involved with your movement. I am dedicated to the health of our community, because health and happiness are inseparable.



Hi, I’m Tara Marshall. I was introduced to and fell in love with Pilates over eight years ago. At the age of 19 I was looking for direction and something to inspire me. Pilates not only was an exercise, it was therapy, a way to a new life with no limits. I started training with private sessions. I was recovering from an automobile accident at the time that had left me with neurological disorders. Pilates “reset” my nervous system with its movement and breathe work. It has changed my life. After being impacted so greatly by Pilates, I knew I wanted to find out how and why it worked, and share it with everyone. I enrolled in a 2 year certification through Colleen Glenn, Master Trainer, and was certified in The Pilates System. I received classical training of Pilates, based on Joseph Pilates’ “Contrology”. I was certified on Pilates’ equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, High and Low Chair, and other Pilates apparatus. I have since taught at The Good Space Pilates and Yoga Studio in Houston; Rice University; Pilates 107 in Tyler Texas; and various gyms in Provo, Utah.

In 2009, I was blessed to have a baby boy. With recovery from having a 10.5 lb. baby naturally, I was lost. In carrying such a big baby, I developed a Diastasis Recti. This is where your “six pack” muscles split vertically where the connective tissue is. This creates a gap where your organs can be pushed through the muscles like a hernia. After consulting with my physician and not knowing a resolution or diagnoses, I turned to Pilates. I was certified in Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates through The Center for Women’s Fitness based in Michigan. I learned how to heal my body through correct techniques and exercise. I have also studied with Windy Leblanc, owner of Pilates Center of Austin, whom focuses on Pilates based Physical Therapy. I have had the great pleasure of meeting and learning from Mary Bowen, a Pilates’ instructor whom actually studied with Joseph Pilates himself. I have learned that to remain a student can open new possibilities to life and health. I strive to continue learning from my mentors as well as my clients.

I am passionate about quality of life and strive to share what I have learned with others to encourage happiness and health, they are inseparable.

Tara Marshall


People Say

I began Pilates almost six months ago, September 12, 2014.

Previously, over a two and one-half year time frame, I had been rear ended four times and spent my evenings with a heating pad on my neck, alternating that with a neck de-compression device to give me relief from pain. I was also seeing a chiropractor three times a week. Five years ago, I had two abdominal surgeries, both requiring a seven inch vertical incision. My husband likes to tell people I have been gutted like a fish - twice!

Over the past six months, I have attended four sessions per week. In the beginning, I struggled with all the exercises, especially those that required neck and abs. Now, every couple of weeks, I find myself doing something I couldn't do before. It is so exciting, I call out "I'm doing it!!!" The first new found ability was actually rolling down one vertebra at a time, and just last week I was able to touch my toes to the ground while bicycling!

My chiropractor told my mom on Saturday he felt like I had given up on him, I haven't been in quite a while! Pilates and Tara have changed my life. I feel great - no pain! I'm addicted - this is the best addiction ever! I just turned 56 and can see myself doing this for the rest of my life!

Julie Wilcox

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